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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Download our Motor Insurance Leaflet

Motor Vehicle Insurance is the field where Atlantic is undoubtedly a leader in Cyprus. Atlantic offers a comprehensive product range at competitive prices. Our experienced and efficient personnel, fluent in both Greek and English language, are present in our Offices in all cities of Cyprus, ready and willing to offer you their skilled services for anything you may need.

What we cover

A. Third Party
This policy meets the minimum legal requirements in respect of the Insured's liability for death or bodily injury to third parties and damage to property.

B. Third Party Plus
In addition to Third Party Cover, this policy provides:

  1. Windscreen and All Windows cover up to €350
  2. Personal Accident cover to named drivers up to €20.000 for each person
  3. Cover for any driver aged between 24 and 70 and with over 2 years Cypriot regular driving license.

C. Third Party Fire & Theft
In addition to Third Party cover, it also covers loss of or damage to the Insured Vehicle caused by fire, self-ignition, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

D. Comprehensive
In addition to the minimum cover required by law, this policy provides cover for loss or damage to the Insured vehicle. In particular it may be enhanced and extended by a number of optional benefits at very reasonable additional premiums. Such benefits can be bought individually or as a package under our Comprehensive Executive cover which is described below.

E. Comprehensive Executive
This is the top of the range policy our Company offers to our customers. This package includes the following 11 benefits:

  1. Personal Accident Cover
    This benefit provides personal accident cover for €20.000 to the driver of the Insured vehicle in the event of an accident resulting in death, loss of a limb or loss of eyesight. The amount of cover can be increased to €40.000 or €60.000 on request.
  2. Breakage of glass in the windscreen or in the windows for an unlimited amount
    In case of an accident, the No Claim Bonus you are entitled will not be affected and the excess amount under the policy will not apply.
  3. No Claim Bonus Protection
    This cover aims at protecting the Insured against losing his/her No Claim Bonus entitlement in the event of submitting a claim. It is subject to certain restrictions as to the number of claims allowed over specific insurance periods.
  4. Extension of cover for Natural Perils
    Under this extension, indemnity is provided for loss or damage to the Insured vehicle caused by natural perils such as flood, typhoon, storm, tempest, hailstorm, cyclone, hurricane, volcanic eruption or earthquake.
  5. Driving Other Cars
    Covers the Insured person when driving another vehicle of the same category and class not belonging to him. This benefit provides Third Party cover only. Certain other restrictions apply.
  6. Loss of Use
    In the event of an accident the Company will provide the Insured with a car for a maximum period of four weeks.
  7. Cover for strikes, lockouts, riots, and civil commotions
    The Company will be liable for any loss or damage to the Insured vehicle caused by strikes, lockouts, riots or civil commotions.
  8. Drawing a Trailer
    Third Party cover is granted when a Trailer is attached to the Insured motor vehicle.
  9. Loss or theft of credit card
    The Insured and his/her spouse are provided with a cover of €600 yearly, for financial loss they may suffer as a result of loss or theft or their credit card.
  10. Cover for loss or damage to personal effects and cash
    The Company will cover loss or damage to personal effects and cash found in the Insured vehicle caused by fire, lightning, explosion or burglary. The Company’s maximum liability in respect of personal effects is €250 and for cash €100.
  11. Replacement of the insured vehicle by a new one (applies to brand new cars only)
    This cover will only apply if the Insured has purchased and registered the Insured vehicle as new. If the Insured vehicle is a total loss during the first insurance period, the Company will replace the Insured vehicle with a new vehicle of the same type and model or pay to the Insured an amount equal to the current official selling price.
  • All Atlantic policies provide Free Road Assistance Cover and Free Accident Care on a 24-hour basis. Services include: assistance in case of electrical or mechanical faults, “home start”, towing in case of an accident, tyre change and lock out service, presence at the scene of an accident and providing any help needed regarding an accident.

* This description of the insurance must be regarded only as an outline. The policy is a legal document and as such defines the insurance in precise terms. A specimen policy is available on request.

For more information read our Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

 - Comprehensive  EN | GR

 - Third Party  EN | GR

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