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Our Customer Promise

ATLANTIC is the “keep your promise” business. We promise our clients that we will live up to our commitment if something should ever go wrong. Our relationships with people are paramount to our existence and we take this promise very seriously indeed.

We live by a number of well-defined principles, which ensure we deliver that promise to our clients quickly, fairly and responsibly.


The Client Always Comes First:

  • We listen and understand clients’ issues and needs
  • We meet and exceed clients’ expectations
  • We provide a unique experience for each client


  • We strive to achieve positive results.
  • We deliver on time and to requirements.
  • We minimize waste and inefficiency in every transaction.


  • We deliver on promises made to clients and associates.
  • We act in good faith and with integrity at all times.
  • We employ competent and appropriately qualified staff for the job.

Your concerns…our solutions

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