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Payment Methods

With your convenience in mind, our company affords you the following secure payment methods:

  • 1. SEPA Direct Debit SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a European Union initiative to harmonise and simplify payments across the Eurozone. It is free and by far the safest, easiest and most convenient way to make payments. Therefore, Atlantic strongly recommends that you use SEPA Direct Debit for paying your premiums.

    Being a “set and forget” payment method, SEPA saves you valuable time and energy as regards the timely payment of your premiums, thereby eliminating any possibility of misunderstandings due to missed or failed payments and the danger of your policy getting cancelled. Accordingly, upon your consent, premiums are automatically paid based on the premium payment scheme chosen by you at inception of the insurance policy, i.e., yearly, half-yearly, quarterly etc.

    Setting up a SEPA direct debit is really easy. Just click here to fill and sign the appropriate mandate. Then forward it (by post or by hand) to any of our offices or to the email cc@atlantic.com.cy , along with a certificate of your bank details (IBAN).
  • 2. Payment by E-banking - Online bank transfer

    Please click here  to view our Company's bank accounts
  • 3. Pay Online through JCC Instructions:
    a. Click the following link: Pay Online   
    b. If you are a new JCC user please register as a new customer, entering your email and password
    c. Click  "payment of premiums", typing your policy number or Vehicle registration number, your name, the last 3 digits of your ID or Passport and the amount you wish to pay
    d. Click continue, entering your card details and then click ‘’ Payment’’ to finalize your payment
  • 4. Bank Deposit - Direct payment at your nearest bank.

    Please click the link here to view our Company's bank accounts.

  • 5. Payment at any of our local offices
    - Cash
    - Cheques
    - Credit/Debit card 
    - Payment to our collectors: You could contact our offices and request an appointment with one of our collectors to visit you at your own convenience

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