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Property Insurance

For those clients seeking a basic cover of Property Insurance at lower prices, our standard Fire & Special Perils policy is the ideal solution. Be it your residence and/or its contents, a factory, a warehouse, a caravan or any other property, Atlantic will cover you against a multitude of perils.

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What we cover

  • Fire and Special Perils1.   Fire or Lightning (Basic cover)

    You may select any or all of the following perils according to your needs:

    2.   Explosion
    3.   Aircraft
    4.   Riots, Strikes, Lock-outs
    5.   Malicious Damage
    6.   Earthquake or Volcanic Eruption
    7.   Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado, Cyclone, Storm or Tempest and Flood
    8.   Escape of water from any watertank, apparatus or pipes caused by bursting or overflowing
          of such installations
    9.   Impact by any road vehicle or animal
    10. Burglary


Important Note: The above constitutes a summary of the product features. Full details as to policy covers, conditions and exclusions are contained in Atlantic’s relevant Insurance Policy document.

Competitive Benefits

  • Prompt and fair claims settlement
  • Competitive prices
  • Unlimited unoccupancy period (optional)
  • Minimum cover required for loan purposes offered at lower prices

Atlantic is reinsured with Swiss Re and other A rated reinsurers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Can I insure my contents in case I am not the owner of the house I am residing in?A1. Of course, in case you rent the house you are residing in, you can insure your contents or any other property belonging to you and your family.
  • Q2. What is the impact on my claim if I underinsure my property? A2. The sum insured for each category (building, contents etc) is subject to the condition of average. For example, if the value of an insured item is €100.000 and its sum insured is €60.000, then in case of a partial loss you will be compensated with only 60% of the loss. 
  • Q3. What shall I do in case of loss or damage to my property? A3. In case of loss or damage to your property, you should take all reasonable steps to minimize the damage/loss.  The soonest possible you should contact our claims department for the processing of your claim. You must not proceed with the repair of any damage without notifying us. In case of burglary or malicious acts you should call the Police immediately.
  • Q4. How is insurance coverage affected if the building remains unoccupied? A4. If the building insured (or containing the property insured) becomes unoccupied for a continuous period of more than 30 days, no coverage will be provided for the risks (i) escape of water from any watertank, apparatus or pipes caused by bursting or overflowing of such installations and (ii) burglary. Of course, this issue can be resolved by requesting a longer unoccupancy period.

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