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Goods in Transit Insurance

Every day thousands of different products are transported in Cyprus roads. We shall indemnify you against loss of or damage from a multitude of causes to insured items while these are being transported in Cyprus.

Who is this for:

  • Tradesmen / Distributors
  • Hauliers
  • Domestic couriers
  • Individuals transporting their own products or tools

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What we cover

The Company shall indemnify the Insured against loss of or damage to goods while in or on specified registered road vehicles (including a trailer when attached to the vehicle) operated by the Insured caused by any of the following events:

  • Fire, Explosion, Lightning or Flood
  • Collision of the vehicle carrying the items with an external object or of the items while on a vehicle carrying them with that object
  • Overturning or Jackknifing of the vehicle carrying the items
  • Theft or attempted theft from any unattended vehicle


Important Note: The above constitutes a summary of the product features. Full details as to policy covers, conditions and exclusions are contained in Atlantic’s relevant Insurance Policy document.

Competitive Benefits

  • Prompt and fair claims settlement
  • Competitive prices
  • All Risks cover provided upon request
  • Highly personalised service from our experienced personnel in all towns

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Can cover be provided for a specific transport?A1. Normally, cover is provided on an annual basis, however, we can also provide cover for a specific transport.

  • Q2. We are a hauling company. Why do we need Goods in Transit insurance? A2. In case of loss of or damage to the hauled goods, you may be held liable to pay compensation in respect of  this loss or damage. It is worth noting that a Motor insurance policy does not provide such cover.

  • Q3. Can I insure my company's vehicles under one policy?A3. Yes, all vehicles can be insured under one policy.
  • Q4. When does the cover commence and when does it terminate?A4. The cover commences when the goods are first moved for the purpose of being conveyed to a destination outside the premises and terminates when they are delivered at the final destination.

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