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Our Circle of Trust

  • Our ClientsATLANTIC historically chooses prudent and not transitory or short-term policies to attract clients. Ever since the company’s establishment, it always acted fairly and responsibly, respecting and fulfilling its obligations in full and in a timely fashion.

    We nurture permanent personal relationships with our clients. As a result, we have clients that have trusted us uninterruptedly since our establishment in 1983. That is why the company’s promotion is not carried out through advertising campaigns, but to a large extent by its own clients, who being fully satisfied and happy with their experience, do not hesitate to recommend ATLANTIC to their friends and relatives.

    Our people-centric policy continues to the present. Based on this policy, ATLANTIC has rightfully earned a unique privilege among insurance companies operating in Cyprus. An impressive 70% of our clients are serviced directly through our offices in all towns.
  • Our Agents' Network Over the years, ATLANTIC has selectively targeted partnerships with insurance intermediaries who enjoy a strong reputation and have distinct advantages in terms of professionalism, high quality of service and credibility. These key attributes were actively sought by the founders of ATLANTIC as the prerequisite for every prospective partnership. It is no coincidence that we have long-standing collaborations with major agency firms that were forged at the very time ATLANTIC was founded. Our agents are capable and always keen to cater for any of our clients’ insurance needs wherever they may reside in Cyprus. Their expert knowledge and technical skills are an extension of the distinctive brand name and reputation that ATLANTIC has earned over the years in the Cyprus insurance market.
  • Our Staff Atlantic’s differentiating strength lies in its people and the distinguished level of service they provide, which is founded upon direct, personal client contact. We are proud to have fostered a unique client-care philosophy among our staff, whose number has grown from a handful in 1983 to more than 110 today. Indicative of our people-centered culture is the fact that a significant number of our employees build their careers and retire at Atlantic.

    Our customer-centric outlook and our strong belief in creating long-standing personal and cordial relationships with our clients and business associates is what sets us apart and ahead from the rest of the market. This has rightfully earned Atlantic a unique privilege among insurance companies operating in Cyprus. An impressive 70% of our clients are serviced directly through our centrally located offices in all towns, which are manned by competent, experienced, multilingual personnel, offering superior quality personalized service.
  • Our Shareholders ATLANTIC has around 4.000 shareholders, individuals and companies, many of whom are also its clients. Fully acknowledging the importance of maintaining the confidence and satisfaction of its clients, as well as its shareholders, the company is constantly endeavoring to fully please both. As a result, the Board has been adopting a policy of returning a fair share of profits in the form of dividend to its shareholders. Since the year 2004, ATLANTIC has uninterruptedly rewarded their continued support by paying a high dividend every year, which places its dividend yield among the few elite ones of the Cyprus Stock Market. This is no coincidence. It is the result of responsible, long-term strategic planning, which aims at the rational growth of operations and the careful evaluation of risks. It is also the result of ATLANTIC’s philosophy to treat the shareholders with the same spirit of fairness with which it treats its clients.

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