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ATLANTIC’s deservedly earned reputation as a reliable and solid insurer is reinforced through the assurance and guarantees offered by carefully selected reinsurance partners. Reinsurance gives insurance companies the underwriting capacity they require and safeguards their capital against adverse events. Our reinsurance partners enable us to consistently and reliably offer our wide range of insurance solutions and at the same time grow without ever jeopardizing the solvency of the company.

ATLANTIC is in the privileged position of being associated with the world’s strongest reinsurers. The long-standing relationships we have forged with them, combined with our consistently sound financial and operational performance, guarantees that we will continue to deliver on our commitments and promises just as we have done in the past, offering our clients security and peace of mind. This financial robustness was successfully proven when ATLANTIC honored its contractual commitment by paying the biggest ever claim in Cyprus amounting to €132 million to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, following the catastrophic explosion at Mari in July 2011.

Our main Reinsurers: 

Reinsurer Rating Rating Agency Website
Swiss Re AA-  S&P https://www.swissre.com/
Scor Re  AA-   S&P https://www.scor.com/
R+V Re A+ S&P https://www.rv-re.com/ 
QBE Re A+ S&P https://qbere.com/ 
DR Swiss A+ S&P https://www.deutscherueck.com/reinsurance
Korean Re A S&P http://eng.koreanre.co.kr/main.asp 
Aspen Re A-  S&P https://www.aspen.co/reinsurance/ 

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